Baozi with char siu and nectarine sriracha glaze.

Baozi with Char Siu and Nectarine & Sriracha Glaze

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Baozi with Char Siu and Nectarine & Sriracha Glaze

This is probably one of my favorite foods to eat.  I first had Baozi in Chicago’s Chinatown.  I used to go with my friends family on Sunday’s after church.  There was not much on the menu that I would eat at that time but this was my favorite.  It was served with two basic sauces, plum and the very popular Sriracha.  We called it the green rooster sauce and most people had not heard of it 30 years ago. This is a sauce I came up with a few years ago.  It is probably my favorite sauce I have even eaten.

Give this a try it is easier than you think.  If you have never heard of Char Siu  it is basically the pork in a pork egg roll.  It is used in many different dishes.  Hope you enjoy!

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