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Shrimp Egg Roll Episode 38

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Shrimp Egg Rolls

I have made a lot of egg rolls over the years but this is by far the best.  I decided to make this video for my niece.  I bought her a bunch of Asian ingredients over the Holiday break because she loves Chinese food.  One ingredient I bought was Five Spice Powder.  One issue novices run into with five spice powder, is they use too much.  It can be overwhelming and ruin a recipe as quick as it adds flavor to one.

The guts are filled with fresh veggies, large chunks of shrimp and subtle flavor.  Check out the recipe because it is not your standard egg roll recipe.  One tip is when frying in hot oil start with one egg roll at a time until your temperature balances out.  I monitor my oil when deep frying.  I hope you enjoy and try this one because it is worth your time.

If you like this recipe give this a try. Click on photo for link to page.

Baozi with char siu and nectarine sriracha glaze.
Baozi with char siu and nectarine sriracha glaze.

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