Mango Habanero Chicken Burger

Habanero Mango Chicken Burger

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I have been wanting to make a chicken burger for a while now. I was going to make one a few weeks ago but the local butcher was out of ground chicken and I didn’t want to clean my food processor. Just before I went to Tennessee in June, I made two different kinds of barbecue sauces. This is my southern influence recipe using that sauce. If the chicken burger in the video looks yellow that is from the turmeric in the spice blend.

The burger is topped with pickles and a red cabbage mango habanero barbecue sauce. I used a pretzel roll because I live near Amish country and these rolls looked better than anything else.

The only real trick to keeping a chicken burger from falling apart is egg and bread crumbs. It also helps to freeze the burgers for 10- 15 minutes before cooking. If they are too soft they will fall apart. All in all, it is not really that difficult. You can vary the heat by adding more or less habanero. Hope you enjoy!

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